Transforming Information

Less Time, Better Comprehension, Total Control

ThrottlePlay is an engine that helps you consume information quicker, interacting with your content in the way you want with simple gestures. Layered with features fueled by neuroscience, ThrottlePlay is engineered to improve your comprehension and save you time. Download the app now and experience the future of information consumption.


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Speed Control

ThrottlePlay allows you to control the speed of information consumption at your convenience, giving you complete command of your experience

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Based on neurocognitive and learning methodology research, ThrottlePlay assesses the users comprehension levels and enhances the content to sustain and improve understanding in shorter amounts of time.

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ThrottlePlay is committed to protecting your privacy and data. Our app is designed with airtight security features to ensure that your data is always safe and secure.

How ThrottlePlay Works

With our innovative platform, you can effortlessly accelerate the playback speed of videos and adjust audio levels to suit your preferences. Whether you're a busy professional trying to consume content more efficiently, a student needing to maximize study time, or simply want to enjoy videos at a pace that matches your lifestyle, our user-friendly interface directs our modulation engine to match your goals and ThrottlePlay can be used with any content delivery platform on any device.

Adjusted Subtitles

The modified subtitles synchronized with sped-up videos are designed to enhance your information intake. Whether you're a language learner striving to grasp conversational nuances or a researcher navigating through dense documentaries, our tool ensures that you can absorb content at an accelerated pace while still capturing every crucial detail.

Subscription Fees

ThrottlePlay offers three unique levels, packed with features designed to meet your exact needs. Whether you utilize our Education, Professional, or Pro version, the robust feature sets and customizability will change the way you consume media. No other tool does what ThrottlePlay does, and, regardless of version, it will do it for pennies a month.

The Future of

Our Vision

We envision ThrottlePlay to revolutionize the meaning of data consumption. With the use of AI and cutting-edge research in audio engineering, cognition, and comprehension, we are confident that learning information will never be easier.

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